Club History

The History section is dedication to everyone who over the years have given their time and effort to ensure that Bolton Villas survives today. However, one group of people must be signalled out above all others, they are the members of:


Over the year’s the names and faces have changed. The members of ‘Critics Corner‘ have over the years shouted, applauded, complained, laughed and even cried, but one thing is for certain they all had the club at heart:

  • Sydney Wilson
  • Willie Burnhill
  • Albert Berry
  • Hubert Long
  • Ernest Jackson
  • Norman Naylor
  • Frank Aspin
  • Joe Bowman
  • Charlie Dalton
  • Donald Jowett
  • Eddie Naylor
  • Frank Sugden
  • Arthur Evans
  • Stan Lee
  • Ernest Taylor
  • Geoff Haigh
  • Jack Wright
  • John Buckley
  • John Green
  • Gordon Binns
  • Derrick Armitage
  • Tom Brown
  • Donald Smith
  • Dennis Tattersall
  • Billy Stockdale
  • Alan Pargeter
  • Roger Siddle

Critics Corner 1975
Back row left to right: Edmund Jackson, Charlie Dalton, Ernest Taylor, Brian Haigh
Front row left to right: Joe Bowman, Donald Jowett, Eddie Naylor, Norman Naylor